Rock Steady Boxing Parkinson coach training

Why become a RSB coach?

  • Parkinson disease is being diagnosed with increasing frequency.
  • They need you NOW
  • Boxing according the Rock Steady Boxing method, improves quality of life.
  • You train from patiënt to boxer.
  • You serve the public interest.
  • Together we fight back against Parkinson.

You don't want to become a good Coach but the Best!

Thats why you choose the Rock Steady Boxing coach training!


You follow our training for the following reasons:

  • We are the European training partners of Rock Steady Boxing America and trainers for Europe.
  • We are certified Rock Steady Boxing coaches.
  • We have 8 years of experience in giving Rock Steady Boxing training in the Netherlands.
  • We receive support from over 800 RSB locations worldwide.
  • Our training is practice-oriented, do not sit and watch, but do and experience.
  • During the training you will participate twice in a training with Parkinson's boxers.
  • Many practical examples of how to train varied with Parkinson's boxers.
  • Attention to safety during training.
  • Didactic skills regarding Parkinson's boxing.
  • You get all the tools to get started right away.

Rock Steady Boxing Europe is part of Sport & Survival team Ede.

A CRKBO-registered training.

A selection of the reviews from trainers who have followed the training:
  • 'I found it enriching'
  • "I thought everything fit together well"
  • "Theory and practice are fully aligned."
  • 'It hit a nerve to be able to work with this target group''
  • "It requires a lot of thinking from the boxers, all that double tasking, wow"
  • 'Exceeded expectations, it was more beautiful and instructive than expected''
  • 'Through the playful and practical course I learned Parkinson's boxing in a smooth way''
  • 'The explanation was clear and there was enough room to ask questions''
  • 'I was able to get started right away with the knowledge I gained''



Information about the international Rock Steady Boxing training!


What do you learn during the training?
  • Basic boxing techniques
  • Pad training
  • Punching bag training
  • Didactic skills.
  • Methodologies
  • Getting to know the 'adversary' Parkinson's disease
  • How to deal with people with Parkinson's
  • Specific intensive and functional RSB training
  • Learning to differentiate between the different levels of fitness, phases.
  • Sufficient knowledge to use basic boxing techniques for personal and group training
  • Didactic skills
  • Various training methods
  • Specific RSB training structure
After passing the aptitude test you will receive:

  • Certification
  • T-shirt
Time frame from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. 

Training investment: $899.00
including E-learning
(mandatory 10 hour E-learning developed by Rock Steady Boxing)
register via the link below:

Affiliate memberschip


There are many benefits that Rock Steady Boxing brings to the affiliate shelf.


The affiliate shelf is valid for one year. You can choose for one-time payment or a montly paymant

Annuel contribution Montly contribution
 800 Dollar   89 Dollar 

During the in-person training you participate ia a Parkinson boxing training twice. In this way you learn, feel and experience directly how a training goed and how Parkinson boxers experience it.

Training data The Netherlands



1 en 2 juni 2023

7 en 8 september 2023

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